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Scholarships & Bursaries


Scholarships and Bursary Funds fall under the classification of "Field of Interest Funds".

These funds work much like the Community Fund, except that donors will identify an area of interest that they would like to target their support (ex. heritage, children and youth, relief of poverty, education (scholarship/bursary), etc.). The donor empowers the Foundation’s Committees to select independent recipients based on fair and legitimate eligibility criteria suggested by the donor. Scholarship funds award high academic performance while bursary funds concentrate on financial need and satisfactory academic progress. The minimum donation to establish a Field of Interest or Scholarship or Bursary Fund is $30,000.

Each new Scholarship & Bursary Fund will have 5 years from the date of the initial donation to reach the minimum balance level until then, no annual awards will be made (subject to CRA requirements from year to year). Scholarship & Bursary Funds not reaching the minimum balance level within the stipulated 5 year period will automatically revert to the Community Endowment Fund. If, at that time, the value meets or exceeds the amount required for a Named Fund, the option will exist to establish a Named Fund within the Community Endowment Fund.

The scholarship and bursary awards must be made at arm’s length, the recipient cannot be related to the donor and the selection of the award is made in a fair and transparent process. The Foundation will have a selection committee, with at least one board member, which donors can join. The donor(s) must not comprise more than 50% of the selection committee. The selection committee recommends the recipients to the Foundation and the Foundation accepts or rejects the recommendation of the committee.

Currently, our Foundation oversees seven such Funds, the details of which can be found by clicking on the names of the Funds below. To apply, click on the Fund name to activate a fillable pdf (manual completion of a printed form is also acceptable)

Submission can be via email to qcf@shaw.ca (we recommend you scan and email your application rather than forwarding a completed pdf - they tend to get blanked out in transmission) or by regular mail to the following address:

Quesnel Community Foundation, Attn Scholarships & Bursaries, PO Box 4158, Quesnel, BC, V2J 3J2 


Ashleigh Smith Memorial Bursary Fund 

- 2017 Award: $900

Brenda Campbell Campbell Memorial Bursary Fund

- 2017 Award: $750

Gorsline Family Bursary Fund

- 2017 Award: $1,500

Lorne & Donella Martindale Bursary Fund

- 2017 Award: $500

Marilyn Heywood Scholarship Fund

- 2017 Award: $350

Megan Vaupel Memorial Bursary Fund

- 2017 Award: $1,000

Quesnel Woodlot Association Ted Kennedy Memorial

- 2017 Awards: two of $1,000 each



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